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Collegium Ducale

The Collegium Ducale Venice Orchestra grows as an ensemble which includes some musicians coming from the best Venetian orchestras and has a repertoire going from the Baroque period to the 20th century. Esteemed musicians bring their artistic contribution not only as part of the group, but also as great musical performers who play with talent and gracefulness in their soloistic shows. The ensemble is engaged in searching and studying musical treaties about musical performance practice in order to play their classical pieces according to the original performing spirit. The orchestra is active in Venice since 1993 with the important concerts' season called "Venice and Europe: Music behind the History".

Prisons’ Palace

Prison’s Palace, linked to Doge’s Palace by the famous Bridge of Sighs which overtakes Rio di Palazzo, was designed by the architect Antonio da Ponte, who resumed as from 1589 the construction started in 1563 by Giovanni Antonio Rusconi. Afterwards around 1614 Antonio and Tommaso Contino completed the building which partially supplied the prisons at Doge’s Palace. Many illustrious people were imprisoned into this historical building such as Giacomo Casanova who escaped from prison in the famous and reckless way we all remember.

Palazzo delle Prigioni Nuove from San Marco basin
Palazzo delle Prigioni central saloon

The prisoners were forced into “camerotti” (placed along the Rio or looking onto the inner courtyards), while the three rooms, which faced Riva degli Schiavoni and St. Mark’s basin, housed on of the oldest magistrature of Venice Republic (attested from the middle of XIII century): “Lords of the Night at Criminal”. These six magistrates represented the six districts of the city and hat not only to control as a police force with big responsibility, but also to prepare cases for trials and cross-examine defendants and witnesses. In the eighteenth century the premises were used as a infirmary and a refuge for suspicious and suspected people that spontaneously appeared before the justice. Under Austrian domination Niccolò Tommaseo and Daniele Manin were here relegated (the slabs in the palace still can testify it) and were in 1848 released from prison on March 17th, following a popular uprising to form the provisional government of the city.


Baroque Music

The Collegium Ducale Orchestra presents a program of baroque music in the heart of Venice.
Experience the uplifting music of Antonio Vivaldi in the city that inspired him!


  • W.A. Mozart
  • Divertimento per archi KV 156
  • Allegro - Adagio - Allegro
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Concerti delle "Quattro stagioni" Op.8:
  • La Primavera
  • Allegro - Andante - Allegro
  • L'Estate
  • Allegro non molto - Allegro - Adagio
  • L'Autunno
  • Allegro - Adagio - Allegro
  • L'Inverno
  • Allegro - Largo - Allegro

Opera Singers

In Opera Singers' concerts the best venetian singers perform some of the most important opera pieces accompanied by the piano.
Their wide repertoire includes many tunes composed by Mozart, Rossini, Puccini, Verdi and Bizet. You will enjoy a very unique event in the fantastic atmosphere of Prisons’ Palace.


  • G. Rossini
  • Cavatina di Figaro
    "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" (atto I)
  • Baritono + Venice String Quartet
  • G. Verdi
  • Ave Maria. "Otello" (atto IV)
  • Soprano + Venice String Quartet
  • A. Ginastera
  • Danza de la Moza Donoza
  • G. Bizet
  • Votre toast le peux vous le rendre. "Carmen"
  • W.A. Mozart
  • Porgi Amor, "Le nozza di Figaro"
  • La ci darem la mano. Madamina il catalogo è questo.
    "Don Giovanni"
  • La vergine degli angeli. "La forza del destino"
  • J. Brahms
  • Ballata Op. 10, n. 1
  • I. Albeniz
  • Rumores degli Angeli
  • G. Gershwin
  • The man i love
  • Embraceable you
  • E. De Curtis
  • Non ti scordar di me
  • A. Lara
  • Granada, Canzone spagnola

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Who we are

M.A.S. - Musica Arte Servizi is a company mainly operating in the city of Venice, whose purpose is to realize, in accordance with customers’ needs, any type of musical event in the form of public and private concerts by taking care of the ideation, organization and execution.

The artistic brands which M.A.S. presents to the public are:

  • "Collegium Ducale”: performs with strings in its normal Venetian concerts’ schedule but can extend to a symphony orchestra ranging from the Baroque period up to the late 1900s;
  • “Opera Singers”: two or more opera singers perform many arias drawn from the most important operas (Mozart, Rossini, Puccini, Verdi and Bizet) accompanied by piano.

The yearly ordinary schedule includes more than 200 concerts which are performed in Prisons’ Palace (San Mark’s Square) and also in the beautiful frames of the Venetian and Italian artistic/hotel scene (Pisani-Moretta Palace, Giorgio Cini Foundation, Doge’s Palace and others), as well . Every year thousands of spectators from all over the world come in Venice and attend the concerts organized by M.A.S. This incredible success of the public and critics encouraged the recording of two CDs entitled “Venetian Baroque” and “Adagio sull’acqua”.

Since it was established, M.A.S. has also collaborated with many private companies, including: Louis Vuitton Italia S.p.a. (Milan), Lufthansa (Germany), GHM General Hotel Management (Singapore), J. Hopkins University (Bologna), Lombard Odier Bank (Zurich), Kulturabteilung der Stadt Villach, International Tourism Exhibition of Catalonia, APT (Venice), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Sky production (Venice), Amazon for the TV series “Mozart in the jungle” (Venice), etc.

The company collaborates every day with over 200 hotel activities in Venice and with many partners involved in web promotion and bookings, including: Classictic, A&A Tickets online, Musictick, Musicinvenice and Venicecitytours.


Barocco Veneziano

CD Barocco Veneziano
  • T. Albinoni
  • Concerti a cinque op.7 n. 5 in re minore
  • Allegro - Adagio - Presto
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Concerto per due violini op. 3 n. 8. in la minore
  • Allegro - Larghetto e spiritoso
    Soloists: Marco Rallo, Gianluca Dal Lago
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Sinfonia n. 3 in Sol maggiore
  • Allegro - Adagio - Allegro
  • B. Galuppi
  • Concerto n. 3 in re maggiore
  • Maestoso - Allegro - Andantino
  • B. Marcello
  • Concerto a cinque
  • Adagio e staccato – Vivace - Adagio - Allegro
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Concerto per violino e violoncello op. 1 n. 2 in mi minore, op. 4 n. 2 in si bemolle maggiore
  • Allegro moderato - Andante – Allegro molto
    Soloists: Matteo Mesini, Piergiorgio Freddi
  • The orchestra
  • First violins: Matteo Mesini, Martina Beda
    Second violins: Marco Rallo, Gianluca Dal Lago
    Viola: Francesa Levorato
    Cello: Piergiorgio Freddi
    Bass: Piero Gianolli
    Harpsichord: Stefano Bellato

Adagio sull'acqua

CD Adagio sull'acqua
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Larghetto (Adagio) dal Concerto in Do. maggiore RV 447
  • for Oboe and strings
  • W.A. Mozart
  • Adagio K 580a
  • for english horn and strings
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Adagio from Concerto "L'Inverno" Op. 8
  • for violin and strings
  • L. Cherubini
  • Sonata I
  • for english horn and strings
  • A. Vivaldi
  • Largo from Concerto in Re minore RV 454
  • for oboe and strings
    Adagio – Allegro
  • A. Kachaturian
  • Canzone del Pastore (from opera Tristan und Isolde)
  • for english horn and strings
  • J.S. Bach
  • Aria from 3th Suite
  • for strings
  • L. Mozart
  • Adagio from Sinfonia in Si bemolle maggiore


Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra
Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra
Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra
Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra
Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra
Collegium Ducale Venezia Orchestra


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